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New Plans. Endure Them?


The old plan has been declared complete. Of course, there were a few items dropped from that plan. One of them was to relocate the hanging bracket for my 1.5-gallon Shop-Vac. That got done outside the plan. Another was to install corner shelves and make a video of it.

My video skills are still rudimentary. Let me show an example, from when I was gathering things for donation to Goodwill.

I think that's the best video I've made. I ran it through Video Editor, not to change anything (I should have shortened it at the end) but to save it at a lower resolution. 52 Meg instead of over 200. The thing is, with a tool like this, the laundry should be folded in minutes instead of weeks.

This post started with a picture of a salad. That was my lunch - a salad, not that salad. Same type of garnish, though. Bacon cheddar crisps. To get an adequate salad, I harvested three different plants, a Romaine from Harvey Too and two Deer Tongues from The Bucket. I have macrame cord on order to do a light abatement project for The Bucket. I don't know macrame, but I was a Boy Scout and grew up to be a Cub Scout Leader and also a sailor. I know how to tie a knot. How hard can it be? (I'm doomed.)

The gardens are behaving like gardens. Phredd provided Thai basil and Genovese basil for the tomato paste that covered a meatloaf I cooked yesterday. The day before, I slow-cooked cubed New York Strip with V-8 and Vegetable broth, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bok choy, onion, French cut green beans, and seventeen herbs and spices, give or take a dozen. It was delicious.

I still have leftover meat loaf, but I'm going to have a broiled NY Strip for dinner with some kind of sides. Maybe rice. Maybe instant mashed potatoes. Maybe hash browns. Probably green beans.

My outdoor temperature sensor kept reporting a much higher temperature than the weather channels, any of them. On closer inspection, the sensor was reporting what it felt. I devised a shield from direct sunlight, a cut-up water bottle and mirrored tape. It still reported too hot. More investigation showed that the fence it was screwed to was at the higher temperature, so I used an isolation barrier and a longer screw. Now the fence measures 97°F but the sensor is at 93°F. It's hot out there. It's 79°F inside. My AC is working its little compressor out. I am not looking forward to summer.

Happy Sunday.

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