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Now I'm Cooking (with gas)

2022-05-31 11:00

I started preparing this last night. Opened and drained cans, weighed the contents, assembled them in two containers soaking overnight in stir-fry oil. I was unsatisfied with the results (I never should have added the bean sprouts with their mega-sodium). Today I opened and drained more cans and chopped up some bok choy, the yellow peppers and jalapenos.

All the additional vegetables bulk up the result without adding much sodium, so if I measure out a pound for lunch the calories and sodium will be well withing limits. Two pounds, even.

For those to whom the System International or International System of Units used above is some foreign language (French, originally), I've added a column for 'Mericun Ounces. See below. Grams convert to ounces by a conversion factor - there are 28.34952 grams per ounce. Simple math. Ounces to pounds, divide by 16. The total is 6¼ pounds of stir fry. I could eat 20 ounces/day for 5 days.

All this cooking has made me hungry. I think I'll broil a New York strip with potatoes and onions. Am I kidding? Of course! I'm fasting, today, so no steak until after sunset. Beverages only. Some nice tea, Earl Grey (decaf), hot, with Valencia Orange flavored stevia sweetener.


Where did I get "with gas?" Yes, it's a wok on an electric hotplate. But As I was prepping, I nibbled on bok choy. Bok choy is Chinese cabbage. Cabbage gives me gas. I'll be farting around all day.

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