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Obsessions Must Be Obsessively Endured

2022-04-30 06:15

Waking in the dark this morning and stumbling to the bathroom, I observed (or rather, tried to observe) that one of my hobbies was not helping me. More specifically, I used to collect nightlights. No, I'm not afraid of the dark.

Sitting in front of the confuser, typing this, I could instead stop and point to any number of my "collections." Nightlights was just one, and one of the more inexpensive ones. Want a list? Too bad. You can always skip this post.


At one point I filled two medicine cabinets (upper left) with nothing but flashlights. On the key hooks (another collection, upper right) are most but by no means all of the other flashlights. There are several on/in the headboard of my bed. There's that lone wolf dangling below the key hooks (lower left), and there are other wolves scattered about. I use one to pere into my toaster oven. There are several in the car(s).

Medicine Cabinets

They are not just for the storage of flashlights. There are eight of them shown in this photo along with the selfie of me in my bathrobe. There's a ninth in the bathroom above the sink, which started with only a mirror. These are the smallest, least expensive ones I could find, and fulfill my need for mirrors and storage at the same time. Also, there are a couple of first aid kits worth of bandages, creams, and medical supplies inside.

Storage Containers

Ignore the bookshelf and cabinets - what you see is several hundred dollars' worth of Rubbermaid products. I've gotten better. I gave all the Ziploc and other brands to my dotter or to GoodWill. I should have opened the refrigerator and taken another picture - a lot of containers live there, too. I hardly ever buy new Rubbermaid, anymore. Mostly.

No, seriously. Oh, look! A lazy Susan three stories tall!

Electrical Crap

There are, including the bathroom, seven electrical outlets in my garage apartment, one of which is in the ceiling and was painted over. Into those six useable outlets, I have, of necessity, plugged in either multi-plug extension cords or multi-plug surge protectors. Upper left shows a power strip with stuff plugged into it - but it isn't plugged in anywhere. Next to the baskets, is a three outlet extension with USB ports.

That extension is the same as the two extensions plugged in lower left, which power all of my Click & Grow Smart Gardens. Looks like an electrical fire waiting to happen, doesn't it? Very fortunate that the Smart Gardens use low wattage LED lights. Upper right shows another power strip. It's the same as the one shown upper left, except that it's six inches shorter (to fit where it is) and it is plugged in. It provides the juice to my microwave, toaster oven, hot plate, toaster, coffee maker, blender, and coffee grinder. No, not all at once - it has a circuit breaker. All that and the power to my phone base units, heart monitor, and heater comes from outside, via a very heavy duty extension cord. Do I collect electrical crap? You betcha.

That outlet in the ceiling is going to get a new cover, "As Shown On TV." It has a light detector and three tiny LED lights. It's one of my nightlights and is waiting on a tall stepladder for installation.

Reusable Shopping Bags

That particular shopping container is a shopping box from Walmart. I have or had ten of those, but the dotter keeps repurposing them. They're too handy. Under it is another bag. Both of these should be in the trunk or back seat of my car, except I've shopped and not put them back, yet.

All told, there are forty or so containers. We recycle, and I'd rather buy another bag or box than bring groceries home in plastic if I didn't bring enough bags in on any given shopping trip. There are two bags currently holding the contents of my next donation to Goodwill. I also have a bunch of the insulated bags, but my dotter dislikes those.


Back where I started. I mentioned the ceiling outlet. I have the new cover, just waiting on a ladder. My favorite nightlight is a Star Trek 3D LED hologram visible behind many pictures of the QYO units I no longer own.. There is a small green light plugged in by my bed. It's generally blocked by t-shirts in a stack. The single most useful is in the bathroom, plugged in by the medicine cabinet. Then there are the dozens of displays on microwaves and everywhere else that act as nightlights.

Hydroponic Gardening Units

I'm not going to take more photos. There are plenty of those on this blog. Even with the trade of two QYO units for a second iDOO unit, I still have ten units. I'll be having a hydroponic salad later today, and loving it.

Are those all my collections? Ha. Ha-ha-ha. Ha-HA-HA-HA-HA!

No. :)

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