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Official Weigh-In Day #66

2022-07-21 06:30

252.8 pounds

114.7 kilograms

18.1 stone

0.1264 US Tons

573,340.8 carats

Blood Pressure: 114/73

Pulse Rate: 59 bpm

Fasting Glucose: 88

Blood pressure was taken after morning exercise.

Morning Exercise

Route: Around_The_Block

Time: 00:10:06

Distance: 0.67 km

I woke at 05:45 after four hours of sleep. Today looks like another nap day. I thought briefly (very, very briefly) about blowing off the morning walk, at least until afternoon, but the threat of the Heat Advisory overshadowed such a decision.

This was Exercise Event #13 of the past 14 days. I took the 11th off to see my Urologist, as previously mentioned. I'm two weeks into the exercise, so it's time to up the game by adding distance to my walk, or by acquiring a bicycle. Bicycles cost money. Walking is free. OTOH, I already own a bicycle helmet, gloves, padded shorts, reflective vest, and an MP3 player loaded with Queen's Bicycle Races and Fat Bottom Girls and others..

2022-07-21 10:00

I went to target and spent much money. See the pictures below. I now own a 28" cream-colored Schwinn Hybrid step-through upright 7-speed bicycle. I also bought and installed a replacement fat-ass seat for my appropriate anatomy, a basket sort of thing, and lights. The lights are necessary, as I plan to ride in the dark when it's... not cool, but cooler. See heat advisory above.

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