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One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

2022-10-31 (Happy Halloween)

Say hello to the seventh Halo Grow Light. So how is it different?

  1. "Different from the grow lights on the market, our grow lights come with a base design, suitable for succulents, seed starting, hydroponics, and soil plants. You place the plant directly on the base without worrying that it will knock your plant over by being top-heavy." My other six grow lights have a spike at the bottom, suitable for sticking in dirt, or in my case, being zip-tied to their jars.

  2. It extends to 38.2" tall. Less the height of the jar (5" for the jar shown, 6.5" for the big amber jars), that's still to tallest light I own.

Another thing that's different (but not about the light), is the black neoprene sleeve around a 16-ounce clear mason jar. All the lighter colored sleeves got the name of the jar written on them. The black Sharpie marker didn't impress this one. I named him Bart.

The other thing different about Black Bart is that his seed pod is the only one with a half dozen Black Cherry Tomato seeds.

Let's all wish Black Bart luck. :)


A little net research tells me the desire to hydroponically grow Black Cherry Tomatoes in a Kratky jar is doomed, doomed, doomed. The discussions of trellised cages and tomato stakes and six-to-ten-foot vines make it obvious that it isn't a dwarf variety. I'll be swapping out that seed pod, soonish.

I have tomato seeds. None of them are for indoor hydroponic varieties, unless you own the hydroponic farm system that encourages six-foot plants. I don't. I just need to bring myself to Marie Condo those seed packets for not bringing me joy.


Worse than realizing I needed to dump those seeds was not knowing what to plant instead. Lettuce is an obvious choice and I have eight varieties to choose from. I love peppers, sweet and hot, but I have those in Harvey and Lucy and Grit. Maybe I should consider some sort of flower.

Final Update

I went with Italian Parsley because why not?


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