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Plan 9 From Inner Space

2022-05-20 17:30

The plan stands at Revision S. Seble has joined her elder brothers and lost the burka. The camera thinks it is too bright on that shelf, but my eyes aren't bothered and no headaches, so We're Good. The family is flanked by the as-yet-unnamed reservoirs, containing distilled water tinted purple by red and blue food coloring. Funny story there. I finally got the reservoirs to siphon into the Harveys by raising them an inch using convenient Styrofoam packing material. To prove there was flow, I added the food coloring, but the darker water never was visible.

Proof of flow was that tank levels dropped and the area was NOT flooded, but I didn't see any leaves changing color. Until I harvested another head of Romaine from Harvey Too. All the new growth at the heart of the plant was purple. It still tasted just fine, and I enjoyed the salad. For the record, Romaine is a very thirsty plant.

The view to the right of my computer desk is also quite fine, and also contains three garden units. The bucket is barely visible amidst all the plastic foliage. Phredd and Ethel prosper. The green onions have germinated and are growing nicely. The basils are above everything else. The dill is spreading. Thyme is doing nicely. The oregano and chives haven't germinated, yet. When I harvest a head of Romaine tomorrow I may harvest the Marvel of the 4 Seasons at the same time. I'll need a bigger plate.

Just so's not to leave out the Ranches, I'll mention that the tomato count is up to 18 and the chilis are starting to ripen. There are still no purple chilis or piri-piris and especially no sweet peppers. I won't be replacing the Red Bok Choi as I harvest and eat it. I prefer the store-bought Pak Choy (cooked some today) and will switch to other tomatoes or peppers.

Do I need to vacuum? Yes. This picture just shows that with all the cleaning, filing, donating, and rearranging, I have at least reclaimed the middle of the room.

While cleaning for a specific goal stops, maintenance cleaning never ends. With that in mind, I hereby declare Gary's Spring Cleaning Plan (Revisions A through S) to be satisfactorily completed.

So let it be written; so let it be... done.

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