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2022-06-21 01:30

No New Plans! I swear. The last big plan ran to 20+ revisions before I could declare it complete.

Projects are different. I still do projects. And yes, some projects require a teensy bit of planning. That's totally different. Take today. I went to Lowes. I had three items in mind (which didn't stop me from wandering almost the entire store - guys do that in hardware stores), and I located the three things, paid and left. With a bit of walkabout thrown in for the exercise.

I got a piece of moulding. Flat, 1/4" by 3/4" by 8'. I plan to glue it to the bottom of the shelf over the Harveys and Seble. It'll make the shelf seem 3/4" thick.

I bought a box of 14 clamps. Eight of them are in use right now. I wanted them anyway, but I'm glad they're handy.

I bought a package of countersink drill bits. Because I didn't have any and I wanted them, so there.

Remember this picture? I got a screen door mosquito net thing for no discernable reason, and I've turned it into light blocking equipment instead. The dotter is or was supposed to stitch it together doubled up because a single layer doesn't block enough light. It turns out I have this Super Fabric Adhesive...

First. I scored the moulding to the same length as the shelf and snapped off 35.5". Second, I glued one whole side of the netting to itself, folded in half. Now the moulding and clamps are holding the fabric together until the glue cures. Overnight will more than do.

Tomorrow I will find the crazy glue I thought I bought or go buy some more. (I've searched. I'll buy more. 02:30 I remembered where I used some last and found an unopened two-pack. I still didn't find the glue I used to add a level thing to Sheba.) Then I can glue the moulding to the shelf. The netting came with "hook and loop" strips, which will be attached to the shelf and to the netting. Then the netting will be properly fastened to the shelf. It will look more attractive.

Planungvergnügen? It's from the German words for planning and pleasure. The pleasure of planning. Not that I'm planning! No, it's just a little unplanned project. Trust me.

2022-06-21 14:50

This project is complete! I love being able to say that. The fabric glue worked. The super glue worked to attach the strip of moulding under the shelf. The adhesive strips of hook & loop (not VELCRO® but samo-samo) adhered to shelf and fabric. See the results and compare the overall view to the one above.

Of course, I got glue on my left hand, and no acetone to dissolve it. It's gone now. It also got on two of my clamps. Never mind, I dealt with it. I will need more fabric glue - I have pants to hem.

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