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Rancho Cero

Updated: Jul 6, 2022


The sixth Smart Garden-3 arrived and was immediately placed in commission. The bright light washes out the detail, but there are three Bok Choy seed pods with domes in the newest addition. It took longer to set up and print the labels than to commission the Smart Garden.

I've decided not to force a horrible pun by naming the new Pod "Darth Garden, the dread lord of the Sixth." (See what I did there?) So, I looked up the Spanish translation of "Ranch Zero," and thus named it, "Rancho Cero."

It's a good deal easier to look at after the grow lights cycle off. Out of the picture above the gathering of the power cords is the power strip with six adapters plugged in. More mirror tiles will be added on the left and on the bottom.

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