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Redistribution Continues to be Endured

2022-05-14 12:00

There is a plan. It's a simple plan, easily accomplished. No, that's not quite accurate. It is annoyingly difficult to accomplish, because the shelves are already in place and loaded, and must be unloaded to put the mirrors in place, except for the tiles. I have three of five mirrors in place, as shown in the previous post.

Another trip to Lowes is needed for two more mirrors. Amazon should be delivering mirrored self-adhesive tiles by tomorrow - forty 6"x9" tiles and sixteen 1' square tiles. My original plan - no, that was plan revision G - was to fill the area between rails as follows:

The wall mirrors measure 13.5" by 49.3". The smaller tiles when laid in a brick pattern are 13.5" across by six high, so 48" of coverage using 12 tiles as shown. Of course, that means splitting four of them in half, or 4.5" by 6". It also means cutting around the electrical outlet. Screwing a mounting screw through the tiles is easy enough, so the clock will keep its place.

The alternate (revision H) is to use just four of the 1' square tiles, saving the smaller tiles for some other project. A sub-project of Rev H is to mirror the wall behind Phredd and Ethel, under the window and air conditioner.

Before I am done, I'm certain there will be a revision I and probably a revision J. Something to do with shelves and brackets. For sure and certain, there will be fewer CDs on the shelf.

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