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Redistribution Must Be Endured

2022-05-11 10:00

Zut! Alors! Amazon, she has cancelled my order for a white five shelf bookcase, on which much of the... debris... scattered about was to be shelved. My solution? Cube storage as shown below Phredd and Ethel, turned vertically.

As it is, The Bucket outgrew its location and needed to move. The AeroGarden drawer unit beneath it also moved - to beneath Ethel. The second drawer unit under Phredd came from under the Harveys.

In addition to the cubical shelving, I have eight more soft-side boxes coming. All are scheduled for delivery withing the next 48 hours.

Pulling back from the picture of Phredd and Ethel lets us see The Bucket in its new home. It has taken over the top shelf. The HP Deskjet 2700 series moved down a shelf, where it still had room only for one set of drawers. Let's get a close-up:

Pretty! The bucket looks nice surrounded by plastic plants, doesn't it? I am considering two different light abatement schemes. One is a combination of two 14" macramé rings connected by colored cellophane, hanging over the bucket in place of the fake plant in the photo. The second is a hanging lampshade. Possibly a hanging lamp with the electrical parts removed. The Bucket needed more headroom so that the arm and lamp could get some distance from the lettuce. Lettuce should be naturally crisp, not burned to a crisp.

That just leaves the Harveys and their tremendous Romaine Crop. They are lower by the thickness of a drawer unit.

Redistribution must be endured.

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