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Reorganization After Cleaning


Whether or not it was scheduled or due, cleaning the iDOO units was necessary, so I did. This was immediately after harvesting all the remaining lettuce and some of the herbs for salad. I siphoned all the water and plant nutrients from Ethel, cleaned her up, then transferred the remaining herbs from Phredd. I may have accidentally dropped some of the more annoying herb pods in my garbage can, after saving some to dry. I added the water and nutrients back in, added distilled water to the 4L level, and reassembled. Ethel looks like this:

Now it was Phredd's turn in the bath. He needed it. Badly. Same deal with the water and nutrients, except I added over a half gallon to make up the lack. I should mention that all the losses meant adding more nutrients, too. I gathered all the green onion plants from the Harvests, and now Phredd looks like this:

Even with empty pod bays in Ethel (I have lots of herb seed pods for her), emptying eleven pod bays of green onions meant that I could plant more lettuce and those oriental vegetables I bought. So now the Harvests all look like this:

Sheba stayed the same: one Heirloom Cherry Tomato pod and five empty pod bays. I didn't touch the Ranches at all, except to put mirror tiles on the wall behind them. That doesn't count as gardening.

I think that Purple Super-Hot in Harvey is only growing mold. I'll keep an eye on it.

+++@ +++@ +++@

I also re-organized the power supplies. I removed the individual plugs from the outlet extender on the wall and plugged in that power strip that shows up in some pictures. It was idle. Now, Sheba, Teresa, Ethel and Phredd are plugged into the strip. I don't know why I didn't think of this much sooner.

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