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Revision L Must Be Endured

Updated: May 16, 2022

2022-05-15 23:00

The thing about plans is, they change. On a whim or after deep thought, plans change. If you watch the poorly executed, un-planned video below, you'll get to see some of the changes.

I ordered mirror tiles (two sizes) from Amazon. They arrived today, and I’ve been putting them on the wall according to Plan. (Revision L, that is.) Want to know an irony? I purchased colored cellophane in multiple colors for light abatement from the grow-lights. The mirror tiles (which are not mirrors, exactly, just extremely reflective) come with peel-off paper on the sticky side and a colored protective film on the shiny side. What color is the film? Bleu. The perfect shade of blue for light abatement.

A single large box of useful items (for anyone else) now sits on my back seat, awaiting the next trip to Goodwill. a bin full of cardboard now waits outside for recycling pick-up (Friday). The trash goes out tomorrow, My can was emptied in anticipation. I still haven't folded my clean laundry. Overall, the Plan for Redistribution, Cleaning, and Improvement is a success, even if it did require a lot of revisions..

I think I'm happy and satisfied with how the gardens have turned out. By concentrating on lettuce and peppers, I'm growing things I plant to eat. I'm not sure about the herbs. I suspect for a single person, a little goes a long way, and I'm just growing them to see what they look like. I mean, Dill? What do I even need with that? If the green onions grow, those I know what to do with.

Anyway, enjoy the video, if you can. Next time, I'll have a script..


There's still no script, but this is a better version:

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