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Salad Days

The iDOO 12-pod deck is where all my salad plants ended up. The plant in the middle is Romaine lettuce. Behind it on the right, Red Sails lettuce. The germinating buds in front of that is Marvel of the 4 Seasons lettuce. The Rouge d'Hiver on the left has not germinated and shows no sign of growth. I think I'll give the Romaine a few more days before I harvest that bad boy.

Red Sails has come back very nicely from having been harvested once, but I think I'll put in a new pod when I turn this to salad with the Romaine.

This is the largest Romaine I have. This head grew to the point where the leaves were blocking the light to all the domes shown, which are all freshly germinated Romain lettuce. The iDOO bucket has six pod bays, and they are all Romaine.

The big head was not just harvested but removed from the unit and turned into salad. The old pod was replaced with a new one, surrounded by the sprouts that outgrew their domes. 2022.03.30.

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