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Screwy Ideas Must Be Endured

Updated: Jul 31, 2022


The QYO Hydroponic Gardens (which I no longer own) came with a dozen "straws' which act as supports for tall plants. Neither the iDOO nor the AeroGarden units come with such 'straws.' However, like many people my age, I grew up playing with Tinkertoys and similar toys. Why couldn't Tinkertoys serve as the support structure my gardens lacked? Answer: No reason at all! So off I went to Amazon. I compared costs with features, and the Pipe & Connectors (as seen above) seemed to be the perfect mix of cheap and flexible. The set arrived today.

I've put a few of the longest 'pipes' to use. The connectors are a perfect fit for the sign holes in the iDOO. In the Harvests and Smart Gardens, they'll have to be free standing, not anchored to the unit. I'll be able to add support to the pepper and tomato plants.

If it's crazy and it works, it's not crazy. That's a famous quote, but I have no idea who said it first.


I've put a few pipes and connectors in Ethel and Sheba. One thing is obvious: The short pipes and therefore, the long pipes, are just a bit too long to be a perfect fit HOWEVER, comma, for $20.00 USD for 450 pieces, I can afford to get creative with my scissors and ensure that my support structure fits perfectly... more or less.

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