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Shakeycam Might Be Endurable

On the one hand, my skills with a cellphone are nothing to write blogs about. I used a video editor and added a background soundtrack, but I might have liked to add narration. I didn't. The video is a tour of the hydroponics in my garage apartment, starting with the QYOs and going on from there. There is no mistaking the red hues in the Marvel of the Four Seasons lettuce. Nor can you mistake the cuteness of my newest system, AKA "Gary's Romaine Ranch."

I didn't stop the video as it panned around the room to the bank of Smart Gardens atop my pantry. I had to move up a few steps to get and angle that didn't bleach out the take. The editor has features for cutting out the stuff that isn't visible garden and splice the result back together, but this is a candid video, so nah.

Without further preamble:

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