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Shallots Must Be Endured


See the picture? Ignore it. That's my generic salad photo and bears no relation to the salad I just ate except that there was a fork and the lettuce was mostly green, where it wasn't red. Red Romaine lettuce, actually. For one thing, there were no bacon-cheese croutons.

For another, there was no paper plate. This enormous salad was prepared in and eaten from a six-cup Rubbermaid TakeAlongs® container, and it was full. What was in the salad?

The ingredients are sorted by "actual size," which in most cases is amount in grams. Obviously the three strips of bacon are just strips, not their weight. I had a choice between Vidalia Onions, Red Onions, Green Onions, and Shallots. For some reason, I thought the shallots would be milder, less likely to take over the salad.


I found myself inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. The shallots were overwhelming! Even with that, the salad was fantastic, and I'll do it again with the next head of lettuce I harvest. And next time, I'll remember to carve up a tomato, assuming the Golden Harvests aren't ripe by then.

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