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Six Bites and Gone

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


Using the information dredged up by folks on Argh Ink, i segregated the yellow sweet pepper plant, pruned away the diseased leaves, and rescued the two sweet peppers. They have finished ripening and will have the starring role in the play, "What's Gary Eating For Dinner." Supporting parts will be played by Romaine Lettuce, Green Onions, Bok Choy, Red Fire Peppers, and the Food Lion Troupe. Genovese Basil will make a cameo appearance.

The tomatoes from Sheba would love to share billing, but alas, they are too green for such a production. Compared to the tomatoes I harvested from Ranch Four this summer, they are huge. Cherry sized, larger than grapes. Something to look forward to.

At right, a closer view of a ripe yellow sweet pepper. (Darn thing looks red in this photo, but it's yellow. Trust me.)


I actually harvested three different Romain Lettuce plants as well as the two sweet peppers and the last of my bok choy for this salad. I also gathered all of the green onion available and a sprig of basil. Teresa is empty, which means I drain her, clean her, refill and feed her and plant six new things.

The salad is waiting in the fridge. The crisps are waiting separately, as is the dressing.


I ate it all. It was quite good. I probably should have eaten less crispy garnish to reduce the sodium load, or less cheese, or both. There's a Marvel of the 4 Seasons lettuce crying out for a chance to be my roughage. That'll wait until tomorrow.

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