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Some Delay Must Be Endured

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

2022-06-03 19:00

I ask you: Is this the face of a person who enjoys enduring delays?

Teresa (a fourth MiracleGro AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Gardening Unit, hence the short name) is in the clutches of FedEx. I have a tracking number, for whatever good that does. Keeping her company is a third MiracleGro AeroGarden Aerovoir hydroponic garden watering unit. They'll arrive together... when they arrive. I really need to give the reservoirs names of their own, given that their names are even longer than the Harvests'. I have six Romaine Lettuce seed pods waiting just as eagerly for her.

Benjamin with New Hero Technology messaged me to let me know my order is in the hands of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Richmond. It should arrive Real Soon Now.

My Hydroponic System Site Level Indicator / Drain Tube QTY - 5 with an estimated delivery: May 30-Jun 3 has not shipped yet. Reading his reviews, there are several 5-Star reviews lauding the shipper to the heavens but more 1-Star reviews saying they never did get their orders. I think that will be my category.

I have nothing on order from Amazon or Walmart. This is an extremely unusual circumstance. Sadly, these are the companies from whom I expect no delays. Prompt, cheerful service, except the time a Walmart delivery was left on the wet driveway on a rainy day. A big cardboard box containing pressboard furniture. But it wasn't delayed.

Names for the AeroVoirs... I did this to name Seble, the third of the AeroGarden Harvests. Teresa is getting her name from that list. I want to name the reservoir units after goddesses of water. Let's look at:

  • Anuket was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the cataracts of the Nile and Lower Nubia in general, worshipped especially at Elephantine near the First Cataract.

  • Erzulie (sometimes spelled Erzili or Èzili) is a family of loa, or spirits, in Vodou. The Erzulie is a family of loa that are often associated with water (fluidity), femininity, and feminine bodies.

  • Nammu was the Goddess of the primordial sea, who was associated with the oldest generation of Mesopotamian deities and given the title "mother who gave birth to the heavens and the earth".

  • Naiad. In Greek mythology, the naiads are a type of female spirit, or nymph, presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water.

  • Ved-ava is a water deity, common to several Finnic peoples traditionally dependent on fishing. She is also sometimes associated with fertility.

  • Chalchiuhtlicue[t͡ʃaːɬt͡ʃiwˈt͡ɬikʷeː] (from chālchihuitl[t͡ʃaːɬˈt͡ʃiwit͡ɬ] "jade" and cuēitl[kʷeːit͡ɬ] "skirt") (also spelled Chalciuhtlicue, Chalchiuhcueye, or Chalcihuitlicue) ("She of the Jade Skirt") is an Aztec deity of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, and baptism.

  • Mami Wata (Mammy Water), or La Sirene, is a water spirit venerated in West, Central, and Southern Africa and in the African diaspora in the Americas. Mami Wata spirits are usually female but are sometimes male. She was also a character in a web comic Too Much Information .

Without further study, I'm thinking Anny for Anuket, Nancy for Naiad, and Shirley for Chalchiuhtlicue[ (you pronounce that any way you like - I'm sticking with Shirley.)

2022-06-06 20:30

I have a tracking number from FedEx for Teresa and Anny, not that it's done me any good. As of today, I know that they are "in transit." The were in Kansas Now it says:

Scheduled delivery date: Pending IN TRANSIT Departed FedEx location OLATHE, KS


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