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Some Scantily Clad Gardening Observations

Updated: Oct 4, 2022


We went through a few momentary power losses, so all the farms were once again out of synch. My corrective action was to turn everything off, then turn everything on again at 00:30 - "Oh Dark Thirty."

First observation: The Harvests operate for fifteen hours, not sixteen like the smart gardens and iDOOs. They went off in order of my re-activating them, Teresa, Seble, Harvey, Harvey Too. Phredd has always been "a little off," like the sixteen hour cycle is fifteen hours and fifty-seven minutes. Maybe its internal clock just runs 1% faster. It's already turning off at 16:15 instead of 16:30.. The final time discrepancy is that the halo light on Jenny of New Jarsey has an eighteen-hour cycle instead of sixteen. I could dial it back to twelve, but no. Eighteen will work just fine.

Second observation: If it was a problem in a Smart Garden, it will likely be a problem in any of the others. The two Click & Grow Wild Strawberries don't seem to want to germinate in a Kratky jar, though there may be the tiniest hint of a sprout in Katemcy, finally. But not in Pontotoc.

Third observation: A watched seed pod never germinates. I've been closely watching twelve seed pods, the ones in Teresa and Harvey Too. No germination. If there's still nothing by next FMS day, I will consider emptying, cleaning, and sterilizing them. I might or might not reinfect them with the same seed pods. Or I might transfer those seed pods to Kratky jars to see if I can start them.

Fourth observation: Basil is a weed. It grows like a weed. It wants to take over like a weed. It's a weed. I have Basil in the ranches. Basil is also what I'm growing in Jenny of New Jarsey.

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