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Stir Fry Must Be Endured, Again


This photograph is a pre-harvest photo of three Red Bok Choy (pak choi) plants. Nice and full and crowding everything around them.

This photo is post-harvest. Everything taken from the pods weighed a total of 70 grams. That includes all the leaves, which are edible and used with the rest. Visible are bamboo skewers used to support the remaining plants.

This post isn't about the garden. It's about the stir fry made from the fresh bok choy, canned chinese vegetables, onions, pineapple tidbits, (I like my stir fry tangy), and the tuna steak that thawed overnight. There was also a 90-second pouch of brown rice from Publix. I won't buy that again - Ben's Brown rice has fewer calories and carbs and sodium. I should have stuck with Minute Rice, which is half the size (but 12 times the sodium).

I've never made a seafood stir fry before. It was fine, but afterwards I wished I had thawed two tuna steaks or added more vegetables. Either way, I used stir fry oil (cottonseed oil infused with garlic, onion, and herbs) and chili oil (sesame oil infused with chili extract). I use chili oil for everything that says to use any oil at all. I have seven pepper plants planted. I have peppers on the bush. Heat is neat on meat. A treat!

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