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Stupidity Must Be Endured; Ignorance Can Be Cured


I have owned one or another Mainstay Toaster Oven since before moving into the Man-Cave. I still have the racks and baking sheets that came with each. Somehow, I did not know until last night (I wanted to cook some toast and was too lazy to break out the toaster) that selecting "Toast" instead of "Bake" or "Broil" turns on both the top and bottom heating elements! It makes fantastic toast, so good that the toaster may join the next Goodwill run! I just prepared a boneless pork chop with diced red potatoes in half the time I normally allow. (on bake - broil is a lot faster.)

The title of this post says it all, though my ignorance made me feel stupid. Maybe I should read more owners' manuals.

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