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Teresa is Looking Good

2022-06-24 14:20

I probably should have lifted the screens for this picture so you could see how incredibly green all that Romaine Lettuce looks. Greener than any other lettuce I've ever grown, and by now I've eaten a lot of Romaine from my gardens.

The thing is, when I was setting up Teresa and Anny, her reservoir, I added 10 drops of green food dye to Teresa so I could more easily track to water level. Now I wonder how much that dye contributes to the healthy, hearty look of my lettuce crop. I cannot believe how rapidly Teresa has produced lettuce nearly ready for harvest. Hang on, let me take another picture...

As long as I was going to take another picture, I went ahead and set the date and time. It always appears in the lower right, and you may have noticed that at some point, it reset itself to 2020. Now, is that green or is that green?

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