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Updated: Nov 24


Tis a fowl thing I do this day.

As discussed on Argh Ink, I am once again baking a Rock Cornish Game Chicken in my minuscule toaster oven. Last time, I took pictures and made a video. This time, my phone is charged and I'll add the photos of the plated bird and sides.

We needed:

  • one 32-ounce Tyson Premium Cornish Hen (879 grams)

  • Yellow Sweet Onion (277 grams)

  • one cup Minute Rice, Brown and Wild (125 grams)

  • Two tablespoons oil, your preference (I used Sun Luck Chili Oil)

  • Garlic Pepper Seasoning

  • Onion & Herb Seasoning

  • Coarse Black Pepper

  • Crushed Red Pepper

  • Garlic Powder

  • Poultry Seasoning

The video is the same one from an earlier post. Here is the picture of the final product:

Cornish Hen Via Toaster Oven.MP4

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