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The Chili is Dead; Long Live the Chili!


I finished off my previous chili batch last night. I have brewed a fresh batch. I’ did it it differently – I stir-fried the onions, red sweet peppers, minced garlic, bok choy, whole tiny tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers with freshly harvested red fire and piri-piri peppers. Next I added the diced tomatoes and chilis, the tomato sauce, and the tomato paste. I judged it to have sufficient liquidity, so I added a quarter pound of dry elbow macaroni. Next, I fried the beef and sausage in a separate pan. When the meat was properly broken up and browned, I combined the two pans to simmer for a long time with various and sundry seasonings. My spreadsheet says “Nine Pounds!” (9.05174, actually) That should last a few days.

Lessons learned:

  1. Go easy on the bok choy unless crunchy chili was the goal. This can be endured.

  2. Go easy on the red fire and piri peppers, unless hot hot HOT was the goal. This can be endured.

  3. Cook the macaroni separately, lest it be overcooked. This too can be endured.

  4. Chili goes great with water crackers.

  5. Chili goes greater with shredded sharp cheddar cheese on a taco tortilla, but eat over a plate or bowl, lest some get away.

Not a lesson, just a fact - I have one Rubbermaid container of a size sufficient to hold the chili after I removed one kilogram for immediate consumption.

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