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The Chiliest Chili

2022-06-23 02:00

As you can see from the recipe list, this was more than chili. I almost wanted to call it Tomato Stew. Chilew? Stewly? I settled for chili con sinko del kitchena. Nah. Just Chili.

Note that the single largest contributor to both calories and sodium was the ground pork. Also, the ground turkey was higher in calories and sodium than the ground beef. Why did I add those two instead of just using ground beef? There better be some hidden factor, or I'm not doing that again. The chilier chili used fatty ground beef (80%) so you can see its contribution. But It had more sweet peppers, so there's that.

The chilier chili filled my largest frying pan. The chiliest chili filled my wok. It also filled two 3.3L Rubbermaid containers. There's about 237 ounces. Assume I eat roughly 1.5 pounds per day, that's 10 days worth of chili. And trust me, I will not eat 1.5 pounds of chili every day. I haven't stopped liking fish nor fowl nor good red meat. I'm going to have to freeze half or more.

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