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The Diet: First Quarter 2022


I continue. I endure. I live to tell the tale.

Let's start off with screenshots of the spreadsheet wherewith I track the vital statistics:

The weight is easy to track. So are blood pressure, pulse rate, and glucose levels. Beyond those is daily consumption of victuals expressed in calories, carbs, and sodium. Then there are the averages, broken down by weeks and months, with an annual total at the bottom:

And there it is. I can graph weight vs time, and I have.

The thing about this graph is that the weights graphed are all between 248 and 255 pounds. Those impressive peaks and valleys are only a few pounds apart. Change the lower boundary of the graph to my ideal weight - 140 pounds - and the current weight becomes a squiggly line instead of the jagged appearance it has now.

I hope the second quarter resumes the downward trend.

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