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The Forty-seventh Official Weigh-in Day

251.8 pounds (114.2 kilograms)

Another week, another weigh-in. Like entirely too many weigh-ins this year, the results are higher than what they were when the year started. Too many trips to Golden Corral, Home of the Diet Apocalypse. Too much pizza-pizza from that place. Too many carbohydrates overall. And not enough exercise, but that's another topic altogether.

So far this year, I have averaged 1722 calories per day, which should mean an average weight loss of 0.996 pounds per week. Round that to a pound per week. January 1, 2022 I weighed 248.6. Round that to 249. It's ten weeks later. I should be seeing 239 pounds on the scale, not 252!

Dieting sucks, but must be endured.

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