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The New iDOO must be endured

It's too darn cute not to be endured. This one's a bucket of fun. Okay, it is shaped like a bucket, or possibly a flower pot. It does everything the others do, and looks cute to boot.

As you can tell from the signage, this baby is planted with nothing but (AeroGarden) Romaine Lettuce. The pod in the middle has a week or ten day start over all its friends, but they will catch up. The Marvel of the Four Seasons lettuce in the other iDOO is almost screaming "Harvest Me!", so I may be eating my first BLT from home-grown lettuce, tomorrow. I tried putting some bacon bits in a seed pod, but nothing grew from it. Three different tomato plants are putting out blossoms, so I need to be a busy bee and pollinate them.

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