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The Return of The Bucket (Henceforth SHEBA)

2022-06-09 23:50

Sheba is, of course, short for She-Bucket. Just another one of the girls. I wanted to create an external level gage, but the universe wasn't cooperating with me, so I glued an angle piece under the fill port at about the full height. It should let me gage the level, which I couldn't do before.

Sheba is hosting a single Heirloom Cherry Tomato seed pod. Nothing else for now - I'll see how it goes. It should sprout in 7-14 days and grow to consume all available space.

Sheba has a pleasant, warm glow about her. Teresa, OTOH, has a cold vibe. Anny is doing a fair job of light blocking, but there will be other tricks. That lampshade makes my macrame chandelier totally unnecessary. I have not decided how I feel about that, except that Sheba makes a fabulous lamp.

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