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Thyme for Another Farm Report

2022-05-10 09:30


The non-germinating plants (three Rouge d'Hiver, one Mint) have been removed from Harvey. The remaining one Rouge d'Hiver Lettuce and one Romaine Lettuce are not only thriving, but both have been pruned for salads.

Harvey, Too

Six thriving Romaine Lettuce plants, three of which germinated days before the other three. None are quite ready for pruning/harvesting. Soon.

The Bucket

How did that go? To the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas: "Three Parris Islands, two Red Sails, and a Marvel of the 4 Seasons." The Parris Island and Marvel Lettuce Plants are all ready for pruning - I do love my salads - but the Red Sails have not germinated. Since they aren't in an AeroGarden unit, they are ineligible for the guarantee of replacement. Life goes on.


Phredd received the six herbs of the AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Kit. I have another kit in a foil pouch (not included in the inventory below.) Also, one pod of green onion seeds. So far, the Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Mint, and Dill have germinated. The Thyme is taking its time to pop above the moisture barrier but is visible under it. No Curly Parsley nor Green Onions, yet. See the follow-up at the bottom re: Green Onion Seed Pods.


Eleven of Twelve Lettuces are thriving. The twelfth, a Red Sails Lettuce, was ruthlessly plucked from the garden and the hole capped. Several of the lettuces are due for pruning. The rest are close behind.

Ranch One

One Piri-Piri, two inches tall. One Purple Chili, two inches tall. One Yellow Tomato plant, failing to germinate. The yellow tomato was swapped with a Red Sweet Pepper from Ranch Three, stunted from being in the shade of a Purple Chili. Early going for all three.

Ranch Two

Three Red Pak Choi. The middle pod was harvested and eaten, and the replacement has not only germinated but grown enough to require removal of the hot house dome. Looking good all around.

Ranch Three

There were two Purple Chili plants and a stunted Red Sweet Pepper, which now resides in Ranch One. The Yellow Tomato Plant from Ranch One will probably fare no better here. On the purple Chili plants, the purple flowers are beautiful, but no sign of fruiting yet.

Ranch Four

Home of my Yellow Tomato plant, source of tomatoes for my salads, I counted nine tomatoes after I picked a tenth today. Ripe. Also, two Chili Pepper plants. The outboard plant is fruiting up a storm. The chili plant in the middle may be stunted by tomatoes and chilis on either side.

Ranch Five

Ranch Five contains a Red Sweet Pepper plant that may be shadowed by a Chili Plant. It's no taller than the plant that migrated to Ranch One. Might that be normal for Sweet Peppers? The Chili Pepper plant doing the shading is fruiting all over. These chilis are yellow as opposed to the green fruit in the other fruiting chili. The third plant is a Wild Strawberry, and I'm watching it.

Inventory updated:

  • 0 Black Seeded Simson Lettuce

  • 0 Deer Tongue Lettuce

  • 3 Red Sails Lettuce

  • 5 Marvel of the 4 Seasons Lettuce

  • 0 Rouge d'Hiver Red Romaine Lettuce

  • 3 Parris Island Lettuce

  • 0 Romaine Lettuce

  • 3 Genovese Basil

  • 2 Italian Parsley Herb

  • 1 Mint Herbs

  • 2 Oregano Herbs

  • 1 Savory Herbs

  • 2 Thyme Herbs

  • 1 Chives Herbs

  • 2 Dill Herbs

  • 0 Rosie Finch Tomatoes (6 were planted. 2 survive, for now)

  • 15 Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

  • 6 Golden Harvest Tomatoes

  • 1 Mega Cherry Tomato

  • 3 Mini Jalapeño

  • 3 Red Fire Chilis

  • 3 Purple Super Hot Peppers

  • 0 Thai Chilis

  • 1 Poblano Pepper

  • 1 Bell Pepper

  • 1 package of Green Onion Seeds

  • 4 packages various heritage tomato plant seeds

  • 15 3-oz bottles of Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food (plus one in use)

  • 2 each 100-mL bottles of Plant Food A and Plant Food B (plus one each in use)

  • Sufficient empty pods and seedless pod sponge inserts for every position on all the units, with leftovers, and too many hot-house domes. (Today's kit included 9 more domes)

  • 2 pipettes for administering nutrients, and a pipette cleaning brush.

  • 4 Analog Meat Thermometers

  • 4 Digital Meat Thermometers

  • 2 Infrared non-contact thermometers

  • 1 pH meter

  • 1 conductivity meter

  • 2 Click & Grow (red) Mini Tomato

  • 2 Click & Grow Yellow Tomato

  • 4 Click & Grow Chili Pepper

  • 2 Click & Grow Red Sweet Pepper

  • 2 Click & Grow Yellow Sweet Pepper

  • 2 Click & Grow Wild Strawberry

  • 2 Click & Grow Experimental Seedless Pods

  • 12 Click & Grow Basil

  • 0 Click & Grow Red Bok Choy (Red Pak Choi)

  • iDOO and AeroGarden pod covers, a plethora of each

There are items on order from Etsy. Etsy seems to be the single largest source of third party accessories and pods for both AeroGarden and iDOO. I underestimated the number of iDOO baskets I had - Etsy is sending me a dozen. Etsy also has seed pod kits for both systems, including green onions. I may order a few, then lose the seeds I have in the yard somewhere, to "see what happens."

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