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Urpdate. Endure It.


Salad for breakfast, with bacon, bacon cheddar crisps, and shredded mozzarella cheese. My own dressing, of course. The lettuce was Romaine from Harvey Too and Marvel of the 4 Seasons from Ethel. Nothing was planted in their places. Harvey Too now has one very tall Romaine, three green onions, a cover and a thermometer cover. All of the green onion plants are climbing for the lights. I think Harvey Too will inherit three more when the last Romaine gets harvested, then H2 and Seble will be the green onion farms. Still no chives or oregano. My salad could have used some chives. Or maybe bok choy, but I forgot.

I just moved some onion around. The red fire peppers in Harvey are doing okay, but the purple super hots have yet to germinate. Nor have I heard anything from AeroGarden about the other failures to germinate.

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