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Winging It Must Be Endured


One aspect of winging it was to make a western cheese omelet in the frying pan that replaced the one that wasn't giving me joy. It (the pan) is one of a set of three. The smallest one. The omelet contained two eggs, garden grown green onion, garden grown chili, bacon, and coarsely shredded mozzarella cheese (not shown, obviously), served on a slice of Aunt Millie's Live Carb Smart White Bread. (1 net gram of carbs.) Doin' good so far.

Naturally, the next meal started with a 14-oz ribeye, ended with a serving spoonful of home fried potatoes. That by itself was over 1,100 calories. That didn't kill the diet. I can still eat a lot of green beans.

So, the winging it thing. I made a trip to Goodwill by Walmart and offloaded all the music CDs and Audiobooks, and the paper books as discussed. Then at Walmart, I bought food and soft drinks and bedclothes and a mesh flyblocker door as Seen On TV. Not that I've seen it on TV - my 24" TV has a built-in DVD player for watching the movies I donated to Goodwill. Well, I still have Galaxy Quest, Firefly, and Serenity. I could marathon Firefly. Once or twice.

I also bought a lampshade. It looks like it would work great with The Bucket, except that's where I plan to put Teresa and Anny if they ever arrive. No, they still haven't arrived. But they aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto. DedEx can't tell me where they are. "Unfortunately we are unable to retrieve your tracking results at this time. Please try again later." They are winging it.

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