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Yesterday's Salad is a Memory. Today's Salad is a Plan.


I ate it directly from the Rubbermaid bowl. That's Marvel of the 4 Seasons lettuce, the last of my red onion, hard-cooked peeled eggs, crispy croutons, and bacon bits. And some other stuff. Oh! Tomatoes.

Today's salad will be Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Vidalia onions, yellow sweet peppers, hard-cooked peeled eggs, bacon bits, and crispy croutons.

There was and will be some fresh basil. I might consider some insanely hot peppers, but more likely, I'll just settle for the heat from my salad dressing, which is one part peppercorn chili oil to three or four parts garlic-infused red wine vinegar, plus seasonings.

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