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A Farm Brief Report to Endure

Updated: May 2, 2022

2022-05-01 03:00

This brief falls on the tails of other reports. In the units above, Harvey and Harvey Too, all seven Romaine are germinated or thriving. The Mint isn't coming out to play. One of four Red Romaines is growing and has been pruned for my salad last night That's red film on the sides, blue on the front. Nothing on the faces facing away.

The iDOOs have taken up their new homes. The film in front of the bucket is red, magenta, green, and blue. The film on the other two is obvious. Per an update last night, the new iDOO is hosting an AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, The other iDOO is all lettuce, and only a single Red Sails has failed to germinate.

Meanwhile, back at the Smart Gardan 3 x 5 Ranch, the latest Piri-Piri and Purple Chili have germinated. A tomato plant near them is thinking about it. In the next row, three Red Bok Choys are overdue for harvesting and/or pruning, said prunes to become part of a stir fry. The middle row is mostly purple chili, and I saw some buds and flowers and tiny baby chilis.

Row four is the home of the yellow tomatoes and chili plants The tomatoes begin to ripen, making up for the dozen on the QYO Rosie Finch plants I traded for the second iDOO. A careful observer might pick out some of the peppers in the chili plant. Carefully observe that I had to string up the tomato plant to keep it from draping all over the other plants.

Not shown is the Wild Strawberry plant which has been belatedly pruned, so that only the flowers remain.

That's all for now. :)

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