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A Home Moanership December Update


The kitchen area absorbed most of the updates, but not all. There are now six bakers' racks, four of them 36x14x63, one 24x14x63, and one 21x13x53. Here's a picture:

The short one on the left was a mistake. Too short to match up with the rest. The other short one is positioned where the supporting pillar juts out the width of a brick into the room - it's also sixteen inches wide, and the narrow rack is centered in front of it.

The other power strip arrived after the pictures were taken. As a result, the Keurig and microwave switched positions. The power strip is on the left side of that rack.

That bamboo box above the toaster oven is a foil and wax paper dispenser. It tends to tear the foil instead of cutting it, but does a fine job with the wax paper.

I'm loving the Keurig for hot beverages. My first cup of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa was disappointing, but I adjusted my expectations - 6 oz. is fine, 8 oz. is watery. For coffee, forget "Tall," “Grande,” “Venti,” and “Trenta.” The choices are six, eight and ten ounces, and Maud's "Tall Dark and Handsome" tastes best at six. I have other brands yet to open.

Fitting the bakers' racks in caused me to move the "dressers," all six-cube storage units, and move the bed further from the kitchen wall. One of the units was turned on its side to make room. Two units migrated to the office area. They look better there.

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