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Updated: Aug 12, 2022


Too Much Information is a webcomic published sporadically since May, 2005, by AndyOH! Andy's health has kicked his ass repeatedly over the years. Most recently, he is recovering from stroke(s) and has moved from Vancouver to Arizona. The Fate of TMI is uncertain.

AndyOH! describes the comic as follows:

An old house, a geek, a cute transvestite, a big lesbian, and at least one ghost. What could happen? Add a businesswoman with a granddaughter to marry off, the granddaughter in no hurry to get wed, a randy bi stripper/nurse, and a not entirely stable lady cop. Ace only wants a normal life with a normal girlfriend. Good luck with that.

Too Much Information is an online comic with varying degrees of mature content! It tells the story of Ace, a young geek that’s too nice for his own good, and a housefull of “interesting” roommates. It is frequently not safe for work, not suitable for young children, and likely to offend just about anybody from time to time. It includes artistic nudity, adult situations, and mild violence. But still, pretty tame overall.

If you are under 14, or under 18 and don’t have parental or guardian consent, or are likely to be repulsed or offended by mature content, please leave. TMI will probably still be here when things change for you.

By continuing on this site, you are affirming that it is OK (personally and legally) for you to view this content.

Ace is such a Marty Stu. Handsome, a hit with the ladies, incredibly talented as a computer programmer, which is what his uncle pays him to be at GibCo, purveyors of exceptionally fine cutlery. His girlfriends include but are not limited to Jasmine Stockham, a nurse and stripper (that's how she put herself through nursing school) of native American extraction, Maddie, underwear model and heiress to the Cartman empire (think Walmart), Akane, Japanese/Korean Ninja and bodyguard, and his Space Wife, with whom he has a daughter (but they lost custody of a sperm sample and he has about 4,000 daughters by other mothers.)

There's a Wiki but it's dreadfully incomplete. There's no mention of Maddie or her half-sister Maggie, for example, nor of his Space Wife, X.

Then there's a thread on Argh Ink which mentioned Eggs Benedict. I've never had Eggs Benedict, but I recalled an arc in TMI from 2015 that had Ace making breakfast for two of his lovers. I want to try a good Hollandaise sauce.

Before this comic is over, Ace helps a ghost get her wings and become an angel. He also gets assigned a shoulder demon to balance her as his guardian angel. They meet up with a water goddess that turns them into mermaids. That's before the aliens abduct Ace and he helps them fight off a remnant of the Elder Gods. He also combats vampires.

The comic is in stasis while Andy recovers. Ace is on an alien ship, the ship commanded by his Space Wife, X, and is plotting with his daughter to return to Earth with his mother, his bodyguard, and others.

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