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Updated: Apr 11, 2022


How aggressive was the pruning? The right QYO deck is completely empty and unplugged, scheduled to be cleaned with water and bleach, all traces of previous usage removed. I am undecided whether to place it back in commission or replace it with a new AeroGarden Harvest. Coincidentally (not), just such a system is on the way from Walmart. I use so many AeroGarden products, I thought maybe I should use one of their systems.

Of course, this means I am down to two Rosie Finch tomato plants in the left QYO deck, and frankly, it isn't looking good for one of them. The salad greens (except for one Rouge d'Hiver lettuce that refuses to germinate) are being extremely productive. It's almost time to graze another salad's worth from the most prodigious plants.

Naturally, the Click&Grow Smart Garden 3 systems are thriving - all but one. I may have over-watered the poor baby, which I would have thought impossible due to a float arrangement. The float stuck. I added more water. Then the float leaped up to show two excess inches. I worry that I've killed three otherwise healthy plants. I'm watching and worrying.

I think it time to prune that non-germinating lettuce plant. Some things...

...must be endured.

As a sort-of update, while checking the two threatened piri-piri pepper plants in my Smart Garden 3s, I did a census of baby tomatoes and found (at least) six more on the lone tomato plant there. I will someday have tomatoes in my salads, regardless of the crop from the QYO decks.

Also, I just got back from a trip to my FNFL*, source of all my carbonated and uncarbonated liquids. The stock clerk lamented with me the complete lack of distilled water, aka Hydroponic Elixer of Life, but bade me return on Monday, when next he expects replenishment.

2022.03.11 22:55

Last night, two minutes before they closed, I bought eight gallons of distilled water from Big Lots in Hopewell.

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