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BLTs Can Be Endured, Gladly

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


I bought the dotter an iDOO 12-pod unit, knowing that she was regifting to her BF for his BD. Or something. Anyway, he tried to grow beefsteak tomatoes in a hydroponic unit where the lights only extend to twelve inches above the deck.

So, I asked the dotter to ask him to trade with me. I'll give two QYO units for the one iDOO, identical to the one I have now. I said I'd even throw in whatever plants are growing, as-is. Well, I may regret that. Three of my Rosie Finch tomatoes are ripening. Red. Succulent.

I won't renege on my offer. But if he doesn't leap on it quickly, I will have harvested the ripe ones and eaten them. I have lettuce plants more than ready to contribute, whole wheat bread and cooked bacon and I don' need no stinkin' mayonnaise.

2022-04-27 06:30

The update here is that a) I ate a BLT. Only the lettuce came from my garden. Two different kinds. b) The dotter's BF accepted the deal and is now the proud owner of two QYOs with tomato and jalapeno plants. The units change hands when the dotter delivers the QYOs on Thursday and comes home with the iDOO on Sunday.

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