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Books are Easily Endured

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

2023-08-19 {Updated)

I love reading. I always have. My brother, Jim, God rest his soul, loaned me his comics and read the Swiss Family Robinson to me to get me started. Jennifer Crusie hosts "Good Book Thursdays" on her blog. Crusie's followers post what they've been reading as well as what they aren't and why. Here's a screenshot of my Kindle Ap on my PC:

UPDATED 2023-10-15

That's not a complete listing. Some titles were bought in MS Reader format which is not Kindle-compatible. Notice down amongst the collaborations Lavender's Blue, which marks her return to writing after a decade of not publishing anything. She wrote. She either didn't finish or the publishers declined to put it out there. I've pre-purchased the next two in this series.

| 2023-08-22 - Rest in Pink arrived today. I'm five chapters in.

| 2023-08-28 - I finished Rest in Pink today. It was wonderful.

Argh Ink attracts other writers. For example, her collaborator, Bob Mayer:

I'll admit that while I own all the Crusies in one format or another, I don't come close to owning complete libraries of the others. You can see nine Mayers in this screenshot, augmented by the five Crusie-Mayers in the first shot. I also have Deborah Blake, K.M. Fawcett, Gin Jones, Brenda Magriet, and Martha Wells. Okay, Martha Wells does not, so far as I know, post on Argh Ink. The Murderbot Diaries are quite often posted about.

I know I bought the three Bendixon Sisters books, but they aren't showing in my Library. (Now they are. 2023-10-15)

I could extend this post with screenshots of directory listing of the stories I own only as HTML file or with screenshots of the various configurations of Mobipocket Reader Library, but I'll stop here for now. I recommend every book pictured above.

| 2023-08-29 - I got sidetracked into re-reading a book while testing the limits of the Calibre Reader. Four Kings, the sequel to The Book of Firsts. Karan K. Anders is a writing pseudonym. I forget her real name. I love-love-loved the two books! The one in the middle was... meh.

| I wonder why it's called a pseudonym. It's a name like any other. Is it because the name is not supported by a birth certificate? The protagonist's father writes using 15 of them.

Did I mention Lois McMaster Bujold?

or in Mobi:


Download ZIP • 501KB

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