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Car Ownership Problems 2023



(Or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof)

They say, "One man's problem is another man's opportunity." A new (to us) vehicle is an opportunity to bestow a name on said vehicle, thus satisfying my anthropomorphic tendencies. I might call it, "Pounce de Lion," in a pun on a famous explorer. The problem with that name is there is nothing leonine about the car. Another problem is that no matter what name I baptize the new arrival under, the dotter will just call it "the car."

It's a Nice Car. Car&Driver says, "The Ford Explorer is a perfectly adequate mid-size SUV, but it lives in a segment filled with stellar competitors that offer a variety of compelling traits." They rank it 15th. The mileage is superior to the VW Routan the dotter used as a trade-in, but had the Routan not had a plethora of problems with it's Dodge engine, that might not have applied. I could say that the Fiesta's mileage was very superior, but it now gets zero miles to the gallon on the scrap heap.

In short, the biggest problem with Senor de Lion is that it affords (see what I did there?) no unreasonable problems about which to post. It's a nice car.

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