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Commissioning Accomplished


The AeroGarden Harvest is now up and running. As seen by the labeling, it has four Red Romaine Lettuce pods, one green Romaine Lettuce Pod, and one Mint Herb Pod. This takes my inventory of any sort of Romaine Lettuce, red or green, to zero. It also takes Mint to zero. To achieve this balance of salad greens (or reds) I had to borrow the Rouge d'Hiver from the iDOO and replace it with something else.

Compare this arrangement with previous pictures. The Marvel of the 4 Seasons should be harvestable in a week to ten days. I might wait three weeks, depending on how much it encroaches on the pods around it. Marvel and Red Sails tend to really spread. The Deer Tongue was crunchier, though.

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