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Everything Didn't Die Again Today

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

2022-04-20 06:30

That's one of my favorite replies to "How are you?" You know, the check-out clerk who's toting up the damage from your groceries asks, even though they couldn't possibly care less. It's just a little social fiction to avoid friction. The better response is "I was fine, an hour ago." Emphasize the past tense. They'll almost always come back with "What happened?" Straight men, all of them. The punch line is, "I got better." If you can deliver that like a Python sketch, so much the better.

Anyway, the gardens are, if not flourishing, at least faking it. The Rosie Finches are still showing those same twelve tomatoes as at last report. I think they've gotten bigger. The tomato plant I pruned from the Smart Garden 3 hasn't wilted and keeled over in the QYO with the Rosie Finches. It might live, too soon to tell. In the second QYO, none of the tomato plants or Mini Jalapeños have germinated yet. All the transplants there are still green, except the Purple Chili, which is... purple.

In the iDOO-12, all of the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce has germinated (or in one case, gotten bigger) in the back row. In the front row, three of four Deer Tongue lettuces have germinated. Middle row, the Marvel of the 4 Seasons is very nearly large enough to harvest for salad. It's big enough to supply a BLT as is. A Parris Island is thriving, but its brother hasn't germinated, nor has a Red Sails.

2022-04-20 18:25 update: That second Parris Island lettuce is pushing the paper cover out of the way. I guess the hole was too small to grow through, so YAY for persistence.

I'm fretting over the iDOO-6 (aka "the bucket"). I thought I'd managed to kill all six of the Romaine lettuces, but there are signs of life. New green leaves where the rest are spotty brown or yellow. I have more salad greens on order, so if they don't thrive, they can be replaced.

That takes us to the AeroGarden Harvest which contains all my remaining (Romaining?) Rouge d'Hiver. That's marketing for "Red Romaine." One of four has germinated, along with a green Romaine. The sixth pod is Mint, and it isn't cooperating.

There will be another Harvest, shortly. I'm going to test the electrical capacity of the outlet shared by my computer. Pray for me.

2022-04-20 19:20

I just received a delivery from Amazon which included an AeroGarden Garden Drawer just like the other seven drawers visible in many of my photos, and an AeroGarden Seed Pod Kit - Romaine, 6 pods. If the 6 pods in "the bucket" don't continue to recover, their replacements are standing by. Also in this delivery were twelve 5-packs of Atkins Chocolate Covered Almonds and ten containers of SweetLeaf Flavored Stevia Sweeteners, including chocolate, peppermint and lemon. None of that affects the gardening save that it puts me in a good mood. :)

A very good mood.

2022-04-21 07:20

The title of the picture says, "Commissioning plus 7 Days." If you can read the label(s), they say "Sprouts in 4-8 days." The one Red Romaine that sprouted did so in 4 days. The other three look unlikely to follow suit. Still, the guarantee asks that I give them 21 days, so there's that. The Mint in the far corner says "Sprouts in 6-10 days." No sign of germination there, either. The regular Romaine is behind its red cousin, growth wise, but at least it sprouted.

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