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Green Slime is Not to Be Endured

Updated: Oct 10, 2022


Three out of four Harvests are suffering an outbreak of algae - green slime. The fourth may be infected as well, but Harvey contains the two red fire pepper plants that are well established and may be simply shrugging it off.

I'm trying to rescue my Mini-Jalapeño plant, alone in Seble, by scraping off the algae and lodging it in an Amber Kratky environment, one with an air bubbler. With her sole plant out of the way, Seble and Harvey Too are recirculating bleachy water, disconnected from their Aerovoirs. I'll attempt to rescue Teresa before shutdown and bleaching becomes necessary.

So far all I've lost is Romaine and Marvel lettuce. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

2022-10-08 22:00:00

Seble and Harvey Too have been emptied, rinsed, washed and bleached, run through a cycle with tap water and hydrogen peroxide, emptied, refilled with distilled water and planted with romaine lettuce. In the process, Seble migrated left and Harvey Too allemande right, switching partners with the Aerovoirs. Seble drank from Nancy; Harvey Too has her now.

The mini-jalapeño did not die, yet. I may be fooling myself, but I think I see new green growth (not slime!) and i definitely see action in the roots. Where they were all stuck together, the bubbler has them separated and waving like some sort of jellyfish. I haven't given up yet.

It is far too soon to know if the aeration system is having any effect, so I ordered another air pump and more tubing accessories. Why wait until the last minute when I can over-react immediately?

2022-10-09 01:22:00

The rearrangement is complete (for now, subject to change without notice, YMMV,...) I suppose I could put all four Harvests on the same shelf with their Aerovoirs behind them, if the shelf was deeper. This will do for now.

(left to right)

Lassy, SEBLE, Nancy, HARVEY TOO, Shirley, HARVEY



Baby Greens, Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, Salad Greens (2), and Swiss Chard

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