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Home Delivery

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


What goes around comes around. History repeats itself. What was old is new again. Pick a cliché.

I remember in the early '50s milk would be delivered to the kitchen door and the Cushman bread guy would deliver bread (and brownies!) There were others I don't remember.

All those conveniences pretty much went away or were turned into prepared food delivery - I worked for Dominoes for a couple of years, for example. Pizza, subs, Chinese food. If TV and movies are to be believed, any ethnic food could be delivered.

Then came the pandemic and places started delivering just to stay open. Now it's the new norm. If a place doesn't deliver, Doordash will bring it.

I don't drive anymore. If I need groceries, I have to inconvenience the dotter to arrange a shopping trip. Or... Walmart+ just delivered this week's grub. Frozen dinners, snack foods, steaks, pork chops, Cornish hens, chicken thighs, breast tenderloins, soda pop. I didn't order any fresh veggies because I still have leftovers from the previous delivery, plus there's all that lettuce and peppers ready for harvest.

So pick a cliché.

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