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Home Moanership II

Updated: Jan 7, 2023


We have achieved the first of the major problems. Plumbing. The dotter has screeched that she hates this house! Why? The toilets are stopped up the blockage causes other drains to back up or run slow. The noises made by the kitchen sink are incredible. The plumber is scheduled to arrive in an hour.

Plumbing problems are exacerbated by the flushing of sanitary napkins, a no-no which should have been part of mother-dotter talks. There will be updates to this post.


The plumber came, worked his magic, and left. The dotter said he said something about never having seen clogs in both a branch and the main line. I'm grateful, having driven to a store in order to defecate. That and a 2-liter jug of urine...

$213 seems like a bargain for Saturday plumbing services.

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