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Home Moanership VII


Unpacking is one of the pitfalls of packing. You have to pack in order to move at all... not strictly true. You could, in theory, just carry everything loose from one home to the next, if you own a large enough vehicle, or make lots of trips. We didn't. We packed.

I bought re-useable plastic totes and a few cardboard boxes for the purpose. Two of the larger totes did not survive the experience intact, but Some Things Must Be Endured.

One could count 14 large totes and 6 small totes in this picture alone. That isn't all of them. There are 3 under-the-bed totes, a couple more of the large ones still full of stuff, and several more with holiday decorations and crafts that used to occupy the attic when not in use. There are also cardboard boxes, the ones worth keeping for now.

The question will be, "How long is 'for now' and should we break them down?" It's not like we don't have space in the basement. Also, the moving company was overly generous with cardboard for mirror packs and whatever - there will be a recycling trip at some point for cardboard alone. And yes, there are boxes of this type yet to be un-boxed.

One of the strange results of packing and unpacking is that closets grow to consume all available space. I had a wardrobe, but it was inadequate before the move. After? I disassembled it and hung a 6-foot closet rod, then repositioned some cubes for storage.

That wasn't enough, either. I took a second rod and cut it to 5-feet, and recycled shelving from the unassembled wardrobe. All my winter coats (six winter coats?) hang there. It makes a nice towel rack, too.

I have several cubical storage units that might take the place of those tacky shelves. The eldest grandson has been paid to assemble a second pantry which will take the place of those units... eventually.

Unpacking sucks.

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