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Home Moanership VII, Revisited

Updated: Mar 27

2023-03-24 [updated 2023-03-26]

To review, unpacking is a pitfall of packing. I set a goal of being completely unpacked by the end of March, and it still looks achievable. A part of unpacking was to relocate my refrigerator, which was a central fixture in the garage apartment, from the opposite end of the basement to somewhere useable in the Owner's Suite of the basement. Look with me at this configuration:


Until this morning, the cubical storage unit occupied the space now taken by the fridge. The unit had to be emptied, moved out of the way, and then refilled. It isn't refilled yet - you can see the books and notebooks on the unmade bed, just for instance.

Whatever. I have another week until I don't, there being no penalty for failure to achieve my goal.

Some things are easily endured.




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