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Home Moanership VII, Revisited *Again*

2023-04-03 [Updated 2023-04-04]

I thought I was unpacked, and then I found more stuff! Okay, so it was three long sleeve shirts, the only ones I own. I dug out new hangers and they joined the hanging wardrobe.

I suppose unpacking isn't complete if you have to relocate things.

First picture, we see that Gary has run the vacuum cleaner and moved the SQUIDRUG so that getting out of either side of the bed puts Gary's feet on it. One might note a missing cubical cabinet - it migrated to the "closet" and all the appliances now live atop the two pantry units, which are connected by shelving. The little skillets and spatula are now mounted above everything else.

Second picture is just a better view of the "kitchen wall" of refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven, plus food storage and eating stuff. I still have most of my Rubbermaid, but most of it is empty. Now that I have the two pantry cabinets, a lot of items that used to take up shelf space or be stored in Rubbermaid are pantrified.

Third picture demonstrates the pantrification (like gentrification, 'cept there are no gentry here) of the Owner's Suite. The pantries are 41" tall and 12" deep, connected by a shelf anchored with 8 screws. Atop the pantries right to left, are my hotplate, my George Foreman grill, my baby crock pot, my six-cup coffee maker (water heater), and my Taylor Bamboo 11-lb kitchen scales. All the electric appliances share a single outlet (including the microwave and toaster oven) and only one can be used at a time. The tools and drawers in the corner will gradually migrate to the shop.

Please ignore the stash of Atkins chocolate snacks and the clutter on the headboard. Also ignore the unmade bed - at least the sheets are freshly changed. If you must notice something, notice the dreamcatcher. It's freshly hung.

Final picture. The wardrobe grew by one cubical unit. The mirror will eventually be wall-mounted. The Squidrug leaves room for a 6x9 grey rug between it and the computer (off camera, left.) Said rug arrives tomorrow.

There. Totally unpacked. No more moaning about that.



The rug arrived! It wasn't exactly what I expected, but Close Enough for Government Work. Here, let me show you.


It arrived in a relatively small box with another item and packing paper. I was sort of expecting a six-foot rolled up rug, so color me puzzled. I was also hoping for a paler shade of gray, like Mr. Squidrug. If you've ever bought a mattress on-line, you know what happened next. The moment the scissors broke the seal, air started sucking in and the rug... grew.


After I let it breathe awhile, I'll need to run the vacuum over it to "comb its hair,' so to speak. Take out the creases.

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