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Home Moanership VIII

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

2023-02-21 [UPDATED 2023-03-07]

Some things can be endured. After all, if the oven stops working, you still have the toaster oven, the microwave, the crockpot, the electric skillet, the George Foreman, and the number to Doordash. Life will go on. If the clothes dryer craps out, well, clotheslines were a thing for centuries. But let the clothes washer die and listen to the wailing from the grandchildren about having to use a towel that has another grandchild's cooties, or not having clean clothes because they wore everything once already this week. (Twenty changes of clothing, many on the floor.)

The dead washer was a veteran of much use and abuse. It was salvaged from a renovation project back when the ex-son-in-law was employed. Amazing that it lasted so long. I told the dotter, "I got my state tax return already. Go buy a washer. And a vent for the dryer." I gave her a $999.99 budget. [Which is to say, "Just keep it under a thousand, okay?" She did, if not by much. :) }




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Let me just say that you are a good father and grandfather. I hope they recognize this in the new Castillo del papa that you've created. 😊

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