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Incapacity Must Be Endured

Updated: Feb 10, 2023


Being without capacity*, I decided to declare The Diet of 2021 at an end. The final Official Weigh-In Day was #94, 2023-02-02, 253.0 pounds/114.8 kilograms.

As such, I ate as I felt the need, whatever I wanted, until yesterday. Believe me, I needed the comfort. But, as the Albionese would remind us, “The Queen is dead. Long live the King.” The Diet of 2023 officially started Monday, 2023-02-06, with an initial weight of 262.0 pounds/118.8 kilograms. Mondays will be official Weigh-In Days going forward.

My records are also changing. For the Diet of 21, I used Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets to track everything. D23 is using a Microsoft® Access® database. Specifically, I began by downloading the nutritional database template, which I will gradually modify to best suit my needs. Access allows me to save daily menus, tracking everything I consume and even which meal at which it was consumed.

The database also features exercise records. I could log each episode of using my Spirometer. I won’t. It only burns a few calories, and I haven’t yet managed to inhale more than about 1700 mL of air in one breath. 2000 is the goal for minimum. Other than up and down the stairs (there being no bathroom in the basement), my ribs forbid much in the way of exercise. But they’re getting better.


* Lacking capacity is what you get from being incapacitated.

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